Friday, August 27, 2010

Copy and Paste: Mature Lady

Hello: Princess,

I found your profile nice and gracious. I am [REDACTED], a Petro-Chemical Engr working and established. I own my own house and and a car. I am 35 years old tall about 6'3ft, 210 lb, black hair, blue eyes.

I am divorced and with the intention of settling down again. I really want to know you better because I love your profile you are exactly what I want, don't allow age be a problem it's just a number.
I love your profile, I most tell you the truth you are cute and sexy I have always needed a mature lady to be my companion.

I am fun to be with and I am also the outdoor type, I love traveling and that I will enjoy more when we are together. I am romantic and strong when it comes to performing my duty as a man. I just want you to accept me for who I am. I need a mature lady like you who can join me in managing my verse estate and investments. I am a man that will always want to pay the bills and make my lady happy.

Alot more you will know about me...

I don't care what others think about you, to me you are the best.....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kevin's Profile Says He Enjoys and Is Good at Writing.

hey i am kevin! you will probably think i am nuts, but i love bein with someone older than myself, and curious if maybe you would be interested!? i am 23 srry if your not tho, i dont want to offfend!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So I Guess I'm the Spiderman of Online Dating . . . But With a Talking Heart

I have never seen a more beautiful, nor more exciting woman than you. Yes, I know that I am not your prince in shining armor, and I am not the frog you are looking to kiss, but rather the toad sitting along the way watching all the frogs getting kissed. But, I know beauty when I see it, and I know what makes my heart sing. I may be older, but I would never cheat on my lady, nor would I treat her with any kind of disrespect. If you get tired of those who would use, or abuse you, I would be pleased to show you what it is like to be treated as you so richly deserve. In my eyes you are a gem, and should be treasured by the one you choose to be with, and he should feel honored that you wish to be with him. Please, forgive me if I have spoken out of turn, or offended you in any way. I speak only what my heart feels for you. You have been blessed by God with a beauty that most women could never achieve, and since I have seen you, He has blessed me too. The men's hearts that you touch haven't a chance at all around you. We sometimes are judged by those that we touch. I assume that you are viewed as one of the most wonderful women those that you meet have ever known. I think that is sweet, but at the same time I know that with great glory comes huge responsibility to ones self. Please, never take yourself too seriously, and above all else enjoy life, for it passes so quickly. A beautiful woman, such as yourself, is something that most men seek all of their lives, but some of us can only smile at God in thanks as you pass by. You are so wonderful to my heart!

My heart belongs to you now. It lies there at your feet. Please, pick it up, and hold it to your breast, so that our hearts may talk to one another. I long to find you are just as lovely inside as well.

Forever Yours

Is That an Austen Reference?


We have very high match and friend percentages. I wonder what algorithm spits out these numbers or if there is a mad scientist in an office somewhere matching people up at random via fuzzy math and sensibility.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'll Serve My Own Tea, Thanks.


I am a well-groomed, well-dressed, well-read, fit male in my mid-20s who would enjoy the company of an older woman. Women my own age tend to be very frivolous and I don't feel as safe around them. I enjoy cuddling, giving foot massages, serving tea and cocktails, and all manner of services. I appreciate women who have a real body and not the scrawny women who look like sickly boys in the fashion magazines. Being with an older woman makes me feel safe, secure and peaceful in a way which (most) women my age cannot produce. Most girls in my age range are loud, they unnecessarily hop about, speak in twitty voices, and expect too much. Who knows? Maybe we could go out to good restaurants and good films? Or enjoy good conversation over a few glasses of wine? I am financially stable. This is not a joke.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Flattery . . . Will Get You Nowhere.

Hello,....Good evening... I would be more than glad to be the complement of your date... could be very interesting and very especial to know a lady like you...For me will be a great honor and a delight...